Why is it important to keep food records?
Food records help you to keep track of what you are eating. It is very difficult to remember what you had, or what you did not have. They keep us accountable, and offer valuable information for planning processes and strategies.

How much water should I drink?
You should get a minimum of 64 ounces of fluid every day. That’s eight 8-oz. glasses of non-caloric beverages. The best bet is to make sure most of this comes from water. There are instances when you may need more. For example, when you are physically active you may need to replenish what you have lost during activity. It is important to check with your doctor regarding the correct amount for you if you have medical conditions that cause water retention.

What makes the HMR® entrees shelf stable?
The answer is retort packaging. Think in terms of the canning process – only the entrees are done in plastic trays where food is cooked at high temperatures to seal and cook products in their natural juices.

What do you mix HMR® shakes with?
Water. The preferred method seems to be mixing water and ice in a blender to make a thick, filling, shake. You can also stir it with a spoon to make a pudding, or just shake it in a shaker cup. There is also a recipe book for the product that will give you many more ideas such as adding flavorings (or fruits if on Healthy Solutions®). Overall, you can add any non-caloric beverage to the shakes including diet sodas or even coffee.

What if while I am on one of your programs, I feel hungry?
We would advise that you simply have more of what is on your program. Because the items are low in calorie and high in nutrition, we encourage you to have more. Most people are used to limiting themselves when trying to lose weight, but that is not our method. We encourage you to have another shake, or eat another fruit or vegetable to feel full and satisfied. Remember: More is Better.

How often should I take the vitamins that come in the HMR® Shake box?
If you are on the medically supervised program, and doing only meal replacements, then you need to take two per day. Remember that you must be medically supervised by and HMR program if you are only using meal replacements.

I want to lose 25 lbs and I would like to know what program I should be on?
The Healthy Solutions® program is a program that uses meal replacements and fruits and vegetables. You can do this program at our clinic or you can do it At Home. Our newest diet new option, HMR at Home®, can be done as a self-directed program or as a phone based conference line program where you participate in your class over the phone for additional support and accountability. This option also makes losing weight convenient and easy with continuous food delivery right to your doorstep.

I have seen amazing results with some friends. Can I try some of your products without joining your program?
You are welcome to use any of the products. Our products are available for purchase regardless of program participation. In fact, friends and family are also encouraged to use meal replacements to support you while improving their health as well. Special purchase discounts may apply to those not currently in our program. Call today for more details.