Our Program

At Abington Weight Management Center, we are dedicated to your total health. We have developed valuable expertise in teaching you exactly what you need to know to manage your weight and total wellbeing. As a member of our program, you will work with a professionally trained health educator/coach who will guide you through learning essential behavioral skills. We will work with you to reach your weight and health management goals utilizing specific, proven strategies to teach you important life-long skills to meet your goals.

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary staff has advanced degrees and specialized training in behavior modification, weight management, and physical activity strategies. This team includes physicians, nurses, dietitians, and health educators who are eager to teach you the necessary skills for long term weight and health management.

Our Affiliation

The Abington Weight Management Center is affiliated with HMR (Health Management Resources, Boston), the nation’s leading provider of medically supervised weight management programs. Since 1983, HMR programs have helped more than one million people lose weight while learning healthier lifestyle skills.

Our Philosophy

We believe that successful weight management is a matter of learning and practicing new skills – not willpower. We focus on teaching new skills that will improve both weight management and overall health. HMR is not a deprivation diet. Our goal is to have patients feel full and satisfied while they are losing weight through the use of meal replacements.

Our Schedule: 

Mon.: 4:45pm   Phase 2

5:30pm   Phase 1

6:00pm   Phase 2

7:15pm    Phase 1

Wed.: 4:45pm   Phase 1

5:30pm   Phase 2

6:45pm  Phase 1

Thurs.: 8 am   Phase 2